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Intelligence Powered Security

Verint Situational Intelligence Solutions deliver comprehensive and predictive situational awareness that gives security teams critical insight to act swiftly, definitively, and accurately. Powered by sophisticated cyber intelligence, the Verint suite of solutions is built on an open architecture and integrates easily with legacy systems, enabling organizations to optimize existing technology while improving the performance and scale of their security operations.

  • Unified command and control
  • Comprehensive situational awareness
  • Anticipate threats with predictive analytics
  • Easily integrate legacy technology
  • Ideal for large and complex deployments
  • Customized solutions for small to mid-market clients
  • Scalable, integrated and open platform
  • Rapid, collaborative and efficient incident response
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Verint Situational Awareness Platform

Verint Situational Awareness Platform collects, interprets and contextualizes massive amounts of data from multiple systems and inputs to deliver comprehensive situational awareness. Leveraging sophisticated cyber intelligence, Verint’s situation management solution generates Actionable Intelligence that enables operators to make immediate decisions with up-to-the-minute information. Predict, prepare and prevent potential threats and mitigate active incidents – all from a single, centralized interface.

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Verint’s advanced dispatch and response technology fuses critical data and immediately provides comprehensive situational awareness. Dispatchers, responders and other resources can share insights in real time, utilizing live and historical event data with GIS maps, geo-fencing, responder positions, reporter inputs, and other external sources. As data is continuously collected, processed and analyzed, security officials can generate efficient, appropriate and rapid incident response and enhanced field communications.

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Verint FaceDetect

Verint FaceDetect facial recognition technology has one of the most accurate matching algorithms in the industry. Powered by AI, the versatile video analysis solution can provide immediate situational intelligence to security operations. Detect, track and alert on persons-of-interest appearing in video surveillance streams in real-time or forensically, across multiple sites and thousands of cameras simultaneously. Identify multiple faces within a crowd, at any angle, with any light variation in seconds.

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